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Renewable Orthopedic Mattress
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The 'Never Sag' Mattress Design

When it comes to perfect orthopedic support and protection for your spine, no one does it better than Upright. This patent-pending design and process gives you complete control over the parts that need to be adjusted and renewed as time goes on.


Because the MySpine Mattress has a perfectly adjustable design, you won't have to worry about the hassle of returning the mattress if it's not quite right. Instead, we offer a free foam exchange so you can get everything just the way you want it... and we'll even cover all of the shipping expenses.

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This optional lumbar support strip is included with all mattress purchases. The strip is firmer than the rest of the support foam to provide optimal contouring support for your whole spine based on your measurement. Those who do not desire this extra support can simply move the strip to the head or foot of the bed. 

MySpine Mattress Logo.png


Smiling Woman

Jesika W.

I ordered a mattress from Upright Spine and have absolutely loved it! Even when I was nine months pregnant, I never woke up with back pain which is nothing short of a miracle. I received great service and a mattress that will truly last because of an awesome design! I Love these guys.

Smiling Couple

Cody L.

My wife would wake up most mornings with headaches and back aches with all the other mattresses we've tried. We bought a MySpine Mattress that was customized for both of us and now we wake up with no pain! Additionally, we LOVE that we can extend the life of the mattress by rotating the inserts. I whole-heartily recommend it to anyone! 

Portrait of a Smiling Man

Robert H.

BEST Mattress I've ever owned! I purchased this because I was tired of my ongoing back pain. These guys helped me get rid of my back pain and this bed is the most comfortable bed I've ever had, even after many years!

Our Mattress Story

MVH Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Michael V. Halliday invested his life and career to better understand the spine and musculoskeletal system, and is now one of the world's leading spine specialists. His research began in the 1980's and includes a team of spine surgeons, MD's and many other professionals. Some of his major discoveries show us how important spine shape and postural balance really are.

Research shows there is RIGHT AND WRONG for protecting you against back pain or spine conditions where you spend thousands of hours each year.... READ MORE ABOUT OUR RESEARCH

Mattress Research

Mattress Research

Our findings are conclusive that 'right and wrong' exist when it comes to correct orthopedic spine protection. Because you spend thousands of hours each year sleeping, working, or driving in a car, your spine is at risk of deformation or shape change based on the products or furniture you use on a regular basis. These changes have been identified by Michael Halliday as Skeletal Imbalance Syndrome, founded on nearly 40 years of research and clinical application.


He was eventually led to the mattress industry where he and his team learned about foam types, collapse rates, and how the best mattresses need to meet your unique spine needs. Because no mattress was found to meet his specific orthopedic criteria, we decided to use that criteria to design the only custom-fit, adjustable, renewable, and orthopedic mattress on the market.

Traditional Mattress Issues
Our Custom-Orthopedic Solution
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