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without surgery, injections, chiropractic, or pills

Meet with our spine experts to learn how to take control of your own spine health.
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We're here for you.

The Uprightly Program helps with nearly 50 orthopedic conditions.

If you suffer from any spine or musculoskeletal complaints, Book a free consultation today.

Whether you've tried everything and nothing seems to work, or you've just had your first back injury, we are here for you. Over 90% of our tens of thousands of patients, found lasting relief since 1982.​

Uprightly patients learn at ANY AGE how to:

  • Control symptoms at home
  • Heal discs naturally
  • Restore lost height 
  • Correct posture & balance
  • Protect against re-injury
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Exclusive Spine Shape Measurements

You can't manage what you can't measure. Patients will learn the importance of spine shape, balance, and protecting the essential curves of the amazing spine.

Patients can visit us in-person for an expert spine assessment, or request a DIY in-home device that will be shipped to those who live outside our service area.

Book a free consultation to learn more.

Exclusive Spine Rebuilding

You will become empowered and equipped with education, training, and an in-home device that restores healthy spine curves, postural balance, and even rejuvenates and heals your discs.

The UpLifter™ also helps patients regain lost height... as some have restored as much as 3 whole inches in stature!

Book a free consultation to learn more.

Uprightly Video
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A Spine-Healthy Life™

Get Personalized Coaching.

To help ensure your success, you will work closely with a licensed Uprightly Coach to help you meet and keep your personalized program goals.

(Speak to a real licensed coach)

Become Empowered. 

Learn from a world-leading spine specialist who directed 40 years of spine research and made 30 major medical discoveries. You will learn new principles and methods for overcoming acute or chronic spine conditions in the comfort of your own home.

Protect Your Spine.

Gain access to our line of custom-fit orthopedic products for traveling, working, and sleeping. Obtain a unique and orthopedic level of spine protection for a spine-healthy life. 


• 40 Year-old male

• Suffered low back pain

• Restored optimal lumbar length

• Correction took 4 weeks

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Together at the Top

95% Sustained Long-Term Success With Compliance

"Uprightly empowers people to live a spine-healthy life, controlling their own spine pain, leaving ongoing treatments behind."

~ Michael Halliday - MS PT

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