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A Spine-Healthy Life™

Developed & Trusted By Medical Professionals Across The Country

40-Years of Clinical Research

95% Long-Term Success

Over 50k Happy Patients

"Uprightly empowers people to live a spine-healthy life, controlling their own spine pain, leaving ongoing treatments behind."
~ Research Director & Founder, Michael V. Halliday MS PT ~


Spine Coaching

How it works

  • Book a FREE Consultation
  • Visit with a Licensed Coach
  • Get a Virtual Spine Assessment
  • Set Personalized Program Goals
  • Watch Training & Self-Care Videos
  • Manage Symptoms at Home Safely
  • Use In-Home Spine Exercise Equipment
  • Track Your Progress w/ Ongoing Support
  • Access Orthopedic Protection Products
  • Live a Spine-Healthy Life.

Download The Mobile App

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Or Follow Your
Program Online

Mature Woman

Anne T.

"What a miracle! Not only is my pain under control, but I restored 2.1 inches to my height! At age 79, my posture is corrected and I'm back on the ski slopes!"

Smiling Portrait

Sara K.

"I struggled with ongoing back pain from a car accident 15 years ago. I've tried everything and nothing was giving me lasting help. Uprightly gave me the tools I needed to take control and escape that terrible cycle of pain."

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Matt S.

"With a long history of spine issues  including multiple surgeries, I found Uprightly to be a god-send. They taught me how to manage symptoms and rebuild a stronger and healthier spine... and the custom-orthopedic products keep me protected around the clock."

Book now to learn if Uprightly® is right for you.

Schedule a quick zoom meeting with one of our Licensed Spine Coaches to discuss if you're a good candidate for the Uprightly Program.

Don't wait any longer...

...You've suffered long enough.

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