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Custom-fit to your spine & body.


A free spine measurement tool is provided with your order, as well as expert virtual assistance to help you obtain your unique spine curve measurement and configure your Thera-Chair, and correctly setup your workstation to orthopedically meet your needs.

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If it's not measured to fit you, then you'll have to fit it. That's why sitting in something generic for long hours can be dangerous and cause spine shape deformity. Thera-Chair® allows you to dial-in your exact spine shape based on your spine measurement for perfect balance and support along your spine.


Most office chairs are designed in a way that requires us reach for the keyboard and mouse, putting leverage on our spines to fall forward. Thera-Chair® has a unique armrest design that supports your elbows at 90º and allows you to reach your work comfortably while maintaining a healthy spine shape and balance.

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Thera-Chair with free virtual fitting and workstation setup


THERA-CHAIR® has the industry maximum amount of adjustments and range of adjustability, so everyone gets their whole body supported in a neutral or anatomically-correct position. Some additional customizations may be required for extra large or extra small... that's ok, we're here to accommodate. 


Footrests also have an important role in your workstation setup. When used correctly, they provide counterforce that keeps your rear-end in parked deep in the chair for long periods of time, preventing the slide and slouch method that ultimately causes aches and pains. A footrest also correctly supports the ankles, knees, and hips in their neutral position. 

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FREE Spine
Measurement Tool
FREE Virtual
Fitting with PT
Extra-Wide Footrest
Everything That's Included:


Smiling Woman

Jody J.

With a car accident that caused ongoing back pain for years, I figured there was no hope for getting through the workday without suffering. But when I was fitted and setup in Upright's orthopedic chair, I was seriously pain free. Being supported in a correct and balanced position help my back not to suffer anymore. So grateful for these guys!

Smiling Man

Ryan M.

My back was killing me after sitting in the “ergonomic” office chair my work had provided for so long. When I was custom-fitted for one of these orthopedic chairs, it made all the difference. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to pull the trigger. I went from sore back and neck every day to no pain and no discomfort, even with the same work schedule. Highly recommend his chair for any long term sitting/working needs!

Smiling Businessman

Rohan S.

I have had one of Upright's chairs at my home office now for over a year. Before they came and installed the new one, I had a very nice looking chair that caused a great deal of back pain. Several times a year my back would seize up causing loss of time at work and the other things I enjoyed doing. Since I have used the new chair, I have had ZERO back issues. They fit the chair to my specific size and shape and helped me with some basic workstation adjustments. It has made ALL the difference in the world! I would recommend their services to anyone.

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Our Story

Michael V. Halliday has dedicated his life and career to curing mechanical spine and musculoskeletal conditions, and is now one of the world's leading spine specialists. Beginning in the early 1980's, he and his research team of spine surgeons, MD's and many other professionals have made major medical discoveries that are transforming spine care today. Some of those major discoveries show us just how important spine shape and postural balance really are.

Spine Research

Founded on nearly 40 years of research and clinical application, the findings are conclusive that 'right and wrong' exist when it comes to correct orthopedic spine protection. Because we spend thousands of hours each year sleeping on mattresses, working in office chairs, or commuting in cars and planes, our spine's take a beating on the generic furniture and products we use every day. Our spine shapes will change based on the positions they are in for extended periods of time. Think of how braces work to reshape a smile. These changes lead to many orthopedic conditions that result in what has been identified by Michael Halliday as Skeletal Imbalance Syndrome. 


With this better understanding, we were able to develop a custom-adjustable spine support that meets your very specific and unique needs. The SpinePRO® is the only orthopedic support on the market that offers this level of orthopedic protection from aches and pains.

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