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Upright Spine Help Center

  • What is the Uprightly Program?
    The Uprightly Program is a specialized in-home spine care program that empowers spine sufferers to take control of their own back or neck pain, with expert guidance and coaching, spine shape assessments, and custom-orthopedic products that protect a spine-healthy life.
  • What the Uprightly Program is not:
    The Uprightly Program is not surgery, injections, chiropractic, or any other traditional PT treatments or modalities.
  • What does the Uprightly Program help with?
    There are about 50 orthopedic and mechanical conditions the Uprightly Program helps with. This includes common back and neck pain involving bulging discs, herniated or ruptured discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, and dozens of other ailments.
  • How much does the Uprightly Program cost?
    Memberships for coaching and online content start at $200, but the recommended program includes in-home spine equipment, which increases the price to $699 plus tax, which includes a 12-month membership and everything needed to begin taking control of your own spine health. A comprehensive plan that includes custom-orthopedic products for protection around the clock costs around $3,800 plus tax.
  • Does Insurance cover the Uprightly Program or the related products?
    You must contact your insurance provider and ask if they will provide coverage or reimbursement for these services. Uprightly Spine Care Centers do accept HSA or Flex Spending cards. Commonly, insurance companies do not provide coverage for teaching, training, and exercise equipment, but we hope this will change in the future.
  • How does the Uprightly Program help me HEAL and REBUILD my discs and rebuild my spine?
    An essential component of the Uprightly Program includes an in-home spine exercise device called the ‘UpLifter’. The UpLifter is a one of a kind machine that isolates and strengthens specific muscles, mobilizes joints, hydrates and rebuilds discs, and restores a healthier well-balanced posture. The exercise is quick to do and as easy as rocking in a rocking chair.
  • How does the Uprightly Program help me PROTECT my spine?
    As people improve their spine shape with the Uprightly Program, custom-orthopedic products are used to help each participant maintain their new-found spine shape while sleeping, traveling and working at a computer. These products are optional items but significantly increase the benefits and long-term results.
  • How are your products customized for me?
    A special fitting tool is provided with your purchase, along with expert virtual fitting assistance. That means our experts will schedule a zoom meeting with you to demonstrate, and walk you through a correct spine shape measurement and product configuration.
  • Does my doctor recommend Upright products for my back?
    All of our products or methods have been developed by medical professionals. We cannot foresee any situation where your condition could be worsened by applying a healthy upright posturing and balance to your life using Upright's products, although we will always recommend discussing solutions with your medical doctor if you have a serious spine condition. There have been zero cases where these upright principles have caused injury under normal use.
  • Is the Uprightly Program credible and do medical doctors approve?
    Yes, over 500 doctors across the country have signed off their approval of the Uprightly Spine Care Program and its methods for managing mechanical spine issues. Founded on over 40 years of spine research and clinical application directed by Michael V. Halliday, patients across the country have learned how to take control of their own spine health.
  • How do I schedule a virtual fitting for my product?
    Please click this link to schedule a virtual fitting with one of our experts:
  • Is the Uprightly Spine Care Program something new?
    Yes. While founded on 40 years of clinical spine research, the national roll-out of the Uprightly Program is just getting started.
  • What is the Returns and Shipping Policy?
    Upright Spine Solutions is now offereing FREE shipping on all products sold to domestic US customers. This excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Additional shipping charges, custom charges, taxes or other fees may apply. Customers who wish to retrun products are responsible for return shipping charges. Products that are not in expected condition upon return, due to normal use, may require an additional restocking fee of up to 25% of the total value. Due to the customized nature of some products, no returns may be allowed on certain items that have been personalized such as; custom or unique upholstery, special parts or other special modifications are involved. Returns must be requested inside of 100 days of purchase.
  • Is there a refund policy if the Uprightly Program isn’t right for me?
    The Uprightly Program is one of the only spine care options available that offers a money-back promise. If compliant participants are not seeing the benefits or results they desire after reaching their program goals, equipment can be returned for a refund.
Conditions appropriate for Upright Spine's products and services include the following but are not limited to:


  • Head Pain / Headaches

  • Neck Pain

  • Upper Back Pain

  • Mid-Back Pain

  • Low-Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Arm/Hand Pain

  • Extremity Numbness/Tingling

  • Skeletal Imbalance Syndrome

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