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Terms & Conditions

Participation Policy

By using products and services offered by Upright Spine Solutions (USS), Uprightly Spine Care Centers, or any other affiliated clinics, you agree and accept to our terms and conditions as outlined in this page, or otherwise stated. You agree to enroll in USS programs or use USS products at your own risk, and absolve USS of any liability involving your health or medical conditions.


Signed waivers are a requirement for any new patient enrollments, and a medical doctor's referral may also be required depending on Uprightly Program's screening process. The Uprightly Program, along with USS products, do not pose a great deal of risk in any way, and are natural and safe techniques that have been clinically proven over many decades. USS desires each patient or customer to fully understand the risks that may be involved, if any. USS serves as a training and educational organization for improving care for one's spine, and does not diagnose or provide treatments of any kind. USS can and will not be held liable for any diagnosis or treatment plans patients may have.


USS encourages involvement of your medical physician to make sure the Uprightly Program and its methods are right for you. By following the Uprightly Program, you accept responsibility for your own spine health and will not hold USS liable for any negative impacts that might arise. 

USS does not diagnose, treat, or provide any medical procedures. As youou accept full responsibility for your own health, you agree not to hold USS liable for any past, present, or future conditions that you may have experienced, or will experience. 

Privacy & Safety

USS / Uprightly Spine Care Centers follow HIPAA guidelines and take proper and reasonable measures to safeguard each customer's or patient's personal data. We do not sell or share any data at any time. Patients or customers may volunteer to share their story or experience to enhance USS marketability or growth. Testimonials and reviews are volunteered without pressure or monetary compensation. USS will share volunteered testimonials as it deems appropriate, in film, radio, online, or other marketing strategies, and may alter names or other identifying information to protect patient privacy.

Product Delivery or Shipping

Upright Spine Solutions (USS) is responsible for fulfilling orders placed within the Uprightly Spine Care Center network. Some products may be fulfilled in-person, and others may require shipping. Shipping costs may apply depending on the situation, and the current shipping offers made by USS. These shipping offers are subject to change at any time. USS maintains the right to ship products paid by customers at its earliest convenience. Projected shipping timelines will tend to fall inside 1 week, however, supply and demand may impact product availability and may cause un-anticipated delay. Customers may not demand a refund without special authorization for delayed products. Returns must meet the restrictions outlined in the Return Policy for a refund to apply. Return shipping expenses are the customer's or patient's responsibility.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

-HSA / Insurance Cafeteria Plans

- Offline Payments

You agree to pay for services rendered, and products provided. Equipment rental or subscription plans must be paid according to the terms of the rental policy set at the time of enrollment. Products must be purchased or returned to end or cancel any related subscriptions. Accounts, bills, and dues with non-payments will be sent to collection agency and reported to credit bureaus.

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