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About Upright Spine

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Michael V. Halliday MSPT
Research Director / President / Co-Founder

Accompanied by a team of leading spine surgeons, MD's and many other medical professionals, Michael Halliday devoted his life to the advancement of research and discoveries to cure mechanical spine conditions.


Upright Spine Solutions (USS) is the proprietor and developer of innovative, effective, and long-lasting solutions for over 40 musculoskeletal or neuro-orthopedic conditions. These solutions also help with respiratory, digestive, and other ailments associated with skeletal imbalance that stress internal organs.


Most common back and neck pain issues result from  mechanical wear and tear that can be easily managed and even avoided without costly medical intervention.


USS findings include 25 significant medical discoveries, worthy of inclusion in all medical textbooks for spine care. In efforts to obtain general acceptance by mainstream healthcare, we have spent years meeting with thousands of practitioners and healthcare experts to introduce our work and improve "best practice" protocols.

Using special technology, the research team was able to measure, scan, and analyze the universal collapse of the human skeletal system. This was one of many methods used to derive dozens of medical discoveries that led to the development of long-term solutions for mechanical spine conditions.

Clinical application in physical therapy clinics around the USA continued to validate these discoveries since the 1980's.

Specialized spine equipment was created for the rebuilding and rejuvenating of the spine's joints and discs, and reveal better options for spine care.

Innovative orthopedic products were developed to help protect patients while  sleeping, working, and traveling. These products are exclusive to Upright Spine Solutions for the purpose of ensuring lasting success for each patient.

Endorsed by medical professionals nationwide, our mission is to help reduce the likelihood of patients slipping back to old habits or environments that allow symptoms or injuries to return, along with avoiding costly or temporary treatments.

Our methods help reduce opioid addictions and dependency on remedies that have no long-term value, and can keep people from overcoming their chronic spine conditions while spending unnecessary money.

Upright Spine's long-term success rate is over 95%.


Clients & Research Partners

​Partnering Universities:

  • Utah State University

  • Brigham Young University

  • Missouri State University

  • University of Connecticut

  • At Stills University

  • & More

Other Partners:

  • NBA

  • Cedars Sinai

  • Westinghouse

  • Instructure

  • Workers Compensation Fund

  • & More

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