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Fully Adjustable & Renewable


Pillows require a lot of trial and error. So we took our adjustable design & process to the pillow game to bring you even more control. The MySpine Pillow™ allows you to unzip, and adjust the filling according to your desired comfort and spine shape. When it begins to loose it's fluffiness, you can revive or replace the poly-fiber fill to bring your pillow back to life!

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A pillow that is too bulky, too thin, too hard, or too soft will always end up causing pain and discomfort. Simply unzip to manage the MySpine Pillow. After some time has passed, you can revive or replace the pillow filling as needed.

Poly-Fiber Fill

The most commonly used filling for pillows is a poly-fiber filling. The problem with this material is that is doesn't last as long as we all wish it would. But because it's affordable and easy to manage, with a zipper, it's easy to get exactly what your head and neck need. Ordering more poly-fiber fill costs you less than $20 with free shipping.

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After a little experimenting, you'll find exactly the right level of comfort you've been looking for. Be sure to fluff and revive your pillow on a regular basis to maintain correct support and comfort.

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Extra Poly-Fiber Filling For Customization
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